Meet the Cats

**Sometimes the cats move fast than we can update the website! We strongly encourage you to call ahead if you are interested in a particular cat.


Simba loves chilling on the high cat walks or jumping in the bucket of toys so he can play with all of them at once!

Mz Chip

Yes, Mz Chip does have a bit of a chip on her shoulder, but get to know her and she is sweet as can be!


Tianna is a shy girl, but when she warms up she is such a lover. Make sure to give her some good pets!


This loving boy is a little timid, but he loves his quality time with humans, cuddling him them any chance he gets!


The elegant and posh Odette just loves lounging in her faux zebra cat bed and getting her sun tan on!


Beau likes to sleep down in his hideaway in the basement, but when he comes out he is one friendly fellow!

Miss Woods

Miss Woods is the newest arrival at Le Cat Cafe and has already proclaimed herself queen of the cafe!


Noodles is a delightful girl that loves to get attention with one of the cutest meows you will ever hear!