Meet the Cats!


Enjoy her cuddly companionship when she comes off her high perches around the cafe!


This docile girl is wanted in ten states for being too sweet. Don't let the authorities catch her!


A big, lazy fellow. You will probably find him lying on his back with his bellow exposed in all its glory!


A feisty and curious fellow with a cute curly tail. He will probably greet you as you enter the cafe!


A shy basement dweller, but if you see her in the cafe you are in for a wave of endless head rubs!


This gorgeous girl is a curious soul, always examing every inch of the cafe like a little scientist.


This big, sturdy guy couldn't be more gentle and loving if he tried!


Poor Osiris lost eye out on the means streets of Philly. This fluffy boy might just melt your heart with his irresistible floofy fur!


This big girl is such a gentle soul. She will light up at any chance of human interaction!


Zander is friendly cat and he is quite vocal! You might find him looking out the window at the back of the cafe.

Harrison Ford

This shy, hulking cat equally loves getting pets on the head and bench pressing other cats!


CJ is a friendly and gentle cat, but try a laser and you might find her running around the cafe!


He's sweet. He's huge. You are in for a treat if you encounter Monroe lumbering around the cafe!


Peter's favorite past time is playing and wrestling with any cat that will have him!