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Thank you for your interest in Green Street Rescue (GSR). Our organization is a non-profit that provides rescue, foster and adoption services for abandoned and stray cats and TNR for feral cats. See our website: and /or on Facebook.

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1. I am willing to allow inspection of the animal care area at my place of residence prior to and during the fostering of the above named animal(s) as/if needed. The inspection will be conducted by, and at the discretion of the founder or a board member of GSR.

2. I accept TEMPORARY possession of the above named animal(s) to be harbored at my own expense and risk.

3. I understand that these animals shall be fostered temporarily at my place of residence, and that I will return these animals to GSR at their request.

4. I also understand that the rights to these animals and their final disposition remain with GSR. GSR cannot guarantee placement of all foster animals.

5. I will refer any/all interested parties to GSR for adoption information and processing.

6. I will be responsible for providing the following care for the above named animal(s): a. Daily food and water b. Indoor comforts including beds, toys and clean litter boxes c. Prescribed medication if needed and approved by GSR. d. Other:

7. If at any time during the foster care of this animal(s), I feel that veterinary care, not already specified, is required, I WILL CONTACT GSR so that arrangements may be made with the vet of their choice. In case of emergency during non-business hours I may call VESC at 267-800-1950

8.If at any time I encounter problems in the foster care of this animal(s), I will contact GSR immediately.

9. If for any reason, I can no longer foster, I will contact GSR and arrange for the animal(s) to be returned to GSR.

10. I hereby acknowledge that I am an independent contractor and not an agent of GSR. GSR assumes no liability for damages caused by the animal(s) while in the custody of the foster case person. GSR is not responsible for exactly determining the temperament of other personal characteristics of this animal(s).

By submitting this form I represent that the information that I have provided is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief. I hereby authorize my veterinarian to release to GSR information about my veterinary records of any and all animals I have owned if requested. GSR requires a 3 week notice if you need help finding a temp foster while you are away