Oscar is a reckless player. He loves chasing feathers waved through the air. And will reluctantly release it with a few growls so the playing can resume.


Pippin is a feisty petite kitty packed full of energy. She often jumps over the front counter to greet you on the way in.


Penny is the oldest cafe resident. She has very bright white long whiskers and loves smelling hands and jumping on any box she sees.


Panzer is a mellow sweetheart. He loves being carried and will happily spend the day curled in your lap.


Mazee is an affectionate calico who can’t get enough head rubs.


Charcoal is a playful boy whose eyes are always large and bright.


Ruby is a beautiful tortie who loves rolling on her back in anticipation of chin scratches.


Nova is a beautiful, tiny little calico. She loves being high up, walking around the top of the cafe shelves but will sweetly come down when called and share her cuteness.


Twiggy is a beautifully soft tabby. She often rubs up against you then confusingly seems annoyed and yells at you when you try petting, then rubs against you all over again.


Stevie is an outgoing tuxedo with a very skinny, long tail that other cats mistake for a toy.


Elf is a handsome boy. He is fairly shy but if you can get close enough he’ll melt in your petting hand.


Lilly is a sweet girl who chases wand toys with uncontrollable enthusiasm.