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Kittens are Great, but Consider an Adult Cat

| by John Ceranic |

Everyone loves the glorious exuberance of a kitten. With that boundless energy and unadulterated curiosity, who wouldn’t want a little bundle of kitty joy? But maybe, just maybe choosing a full-grown feline might be the better decision. Let’s explore many of the great reasons why you should adopt an adult cat.

Plenty of Years to Grow Together

First to start, let’s clear up one thing. A cat is considered an adult when it reaches 12 months old. This means at just 12 months, your potential cat mate is still just a young pup with the average age of domestic cat being 15 years old. I have personally met people who had cats over 20 years old! So even if you are adopting a cat that is 3, 4 or 5 years old you and your cat can have many years to flourish together.

What Cat Your See is What Cat You Get (WCYSIWCYG)

All cats have distinct personalities and adult cats are no different. But, adopting an adult cat doesn’t necessarily mean you are getting an over the hill grandmother that just lies on her belly while knitting with her ball of yarn. After working at Le Cat Cafe for over four years and observing hundred of different cats, I can safely tell you that all adults cats have wildly different and unique personalities. Some are just some lazy bums that just like to lounge around, while others are as energetic and playful as young kitten. 

This personality gets established as they become adults. So keep this is mind. If you are loving the playful nature of a wild and crazy kitten this doesn’t necesarily mean they will be this personality through adulthood and they might end up being a cat that wouldn’t dare lift a paw to play with that wand toy. However, if you adopt an adult that is a energetic kitty you know exactly what you are getting. 

Established Habits

Established personality also means established habits (think litter box). No need to worry about training you new pal to avoid pissing on your hardwood floor. Plus, since adults cats have been around the block a more than kittens, they are generally more accustomed to human petting and how to react. This can actually sometimes make an adult cat a better choice for a home with kids. 

Adult Cats Are Harder to Adopt

Not surprisingly kittens are easier to get adopted than adult cats. Relish in the fact that you are giving this full-grown cat a great new home and life!


John Ceranic is a content creator, digital marketer and cat expert and has been working at Le Cat Cafe for the past four years.

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