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Making Room in our Hearts for Two Cats

| by Kyrsten Cregger |

People are not joking when they say “cats are like potato chips; you can’t have just one!”. Technically speaking, it is quite possible to only adopt and have one cat at a time but why would you when it is better to adopt two cats at the same time!?!? Here at Le Cat Cafe, we are strong proponents of adopting two cats over one because it proves to be very beneficial for all involved: the cats, the adopters, the shelter, and the community as a whole. 

Cats are Social Creatures

Many think that cats are independent creatures that prefer solitude over attention or company. However, cats are social creatures themselves that appreciate company and can learn a great deal from having other cats around. In fact, cats learn social skills off of each other, such as what behavior is or is not acceptable. Having a feline friend around can also help them feel less bored and lonely (when they are actually awake). More importantly, the adoption process can be stressful for a cat. It is difficult being moved from place to place, living out on the streets, and being thrown into domestic life. In this case, adopting two cats from the same shelter at the same time can ensure that they acclimate to their new surroundings with a familiar face. 

These two cats may end up being more than just familiar faces to one another. For instance, when cats are temporarily housed in shelters, many will develop bonds and connections with the other cats. If you come upon a bonded pair at a shelter, take advantage of the connection between the cats and keep them together. Just like it is hard for us to be separated from people we care about, it is just as difficult for cats to be separated from each other. Even at Le Cat Cafe, we notice strong relationships between multiple cats in the cafe at a given time. It is so heartwarming to see two close cats given the opportunity to share a loving home and a life together.

A Blessing for Adopters and the Cats

From another point of view, adopting two cats at the same time can be a blessing for adopters. Sure, cats are seen as the low-maintenance pet. However, they can prove to be a handful when you least expect it. Horror stories have been shared about kittens getting into places they should not be and destroying furniture and other belongings. Many times, these antics are the product of having a bored cat. Adopting two at the same time is not just a second bundle of cuteness, but also a destruction preventer. Furthermore, if you ever choose to adopt again down the road, having two cats will ensure that they already have the skills to share territory. “Single” cats can be very temperamental and not take to a new animal nicely. Paired cats, however, are used to sharing their humans and space with others, making the transition much easier.

Moreover, when you adopt two cats from a shelter, it is as if you are saving four cats’ lives. You are not only rescuing the two you take into your home, but also rescuing the two cats that will take the newly empty spots in the shelter. For this reason, many shelters and adoption platforms, like Le Cat Cafe, will offer a discount on the second cat if you adopt two instead of one. In turn, this helps relieve the animal overpopulation problem that many cities in the United States are experiencing. Kill-shelters still exist; however, they could become no-kill shelters if people adopt more and make sure they are fixed and off the streets. Adopting two cats at once doubles your part in helping the problem.

Two Just Might be For You

It is selfless and noble enough when you choose to adopt a cat from a shelter; however, it is even more so when you adopt two. If you are thinking about adopting, consider whether or not you can afford to take care of two cats. Consider whether or not the cat you choose seems to have a bond or connection with another cat at the shelter. Consider whether or not you have room in your heart for two lovable cats, instead of just one.


Kyrsten Cregger is a student at La Salle University studying Finance and Marketing with a concentration in Risk Management & Insurance. As Le Cat Cafe’s intern, she writes short pieces for the website’s blog about anything and everything cat-related.

Throughout her higher education and career, Kyrsten surrounds herself with professionals in the cat rescue community in order to one day open her own cat cafe and become an established contributor to the cause.

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