Catmas Pawsabilities

Holiday Donation Drive

What better way to give back to the cats and kittens you love than by donating to Le Cat Café during the holidays? From now through December 23rd the café will be collecting much needed supplies. 

We are in need of:

  • Cat food
  • Cat treats
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Scoopable litter
  • Cat carriers

You can also donate using our Amazon wishlist.

As a bonus, if you donate (or make any other purchases) using Amazon Smile and choose Green Street Rescue, Amazon will donate 1% of every purchase to Green Street Rescue and Le Cat Café!

An estimated 300,000 homeless cats roaming the unkind streets of Philadelphia—and we are determined to save as many as we can. 

This video was made by our friends at The PHILO Project which produces high quality professional videos for Philadelphia’s small nonprofits free of charge! We hope you’ll join us in supporting their mission. Visit PHILO at www.philoproject.org

For over 14 years, Green Street Rescue (GSR) has been dedicated to the mission of rescuing stray and homeless cats and practicing the feline population reduction technique of TNRM* (Trap, Neuter, Return, and Manage) for the feral cats throughout our city. There is an estimated 300,000 homeless cats roaming the unkind streets of Philadelphia—and we are determined to save as many as we can.

In March 2016, we opened our very first adoption platform, Le Cat Café at 2713 West Girard Avenue. Since it opened, our number of adoptions skyrocketed. Just last year we rescued 411 cats and adopted out 198! The space has proven to be an invaluable tool to help us find loving FUR-ever homes for sweet felines. With the greater visibility that the Café brings to GSR, our “rags to riches” stories continue to increase.

GSR is entirely run by volunteers and fully funded by generous donors. We are constantly
seeking contributions to help with trapping, food, vaccines, emergency doctor visits, litter, cleaning
and laundry supplies, treats, toys, and much more. While we are able to recoup some support through
income at Le Cat Café and adoption fees, the overall need is much greater. It is only with the help
of generous donors like you that we are able to continue to reduce the number of homeless
cats and kittens in Philadelphia. Cat-lovers like you make our life-saving efforts possible!

Green Street Rescue is an official non-profit (501c3) organization. Our EIN (Employer Identification
Number) is #20-4575651. Green Street Rescue is NOT a shelter, but a network of volunteers who
work from their homes and help with trapping, vetting and by providing foster homes.

Our Cat Rescue Values

We believe that…

  •  Animal’s lives are valuable and should be cherished.
  •  People should be educated about the impact of animal overpopulation.
  •  Animal rescue work is important.
  •  Spay/neuter is integral to ending the animal overpopulation problem.
  •  Effective collaboration is essential to ending the animal overpopulation problem.
  •  Animal organizations should have access to cost-effective solutions and medical costs.
  •  Feral cats deserve a right to live.

Help Us, Helps the Cats

If you are caring for an outdoor cat or colony of cats, we can help you with information and services to assist in trapping, rescue, fostering and finding a home for any of your friendly cat(s).
If you are looking to foster or adopt, please contact us and we will help you find the new love (or
loves) of your life. You will find photos and bios of our current rescues in need of a home under our
Adoption link on this site.
*For more information on TNRM, please research the website: www.alleycat.org

Jonny’s Corner

Some funny or heartwarming images 

Cat Cannon 11/26/18

Cat Cannon