Meet the Cats!

Sometimes the cats move faster than we can update the website! We strongly encourage you to call ahead if you are interested in a particular cat.


Enjoy her friendly and cuddly companionship when she comes off her high perches around the cafe!


This docile girl is wanted in ten states for being too sweet. Don't let the authorities catch her!


This cute little furry pumpkin is a glutton for pets by humans. Show him some love if you see him!


You will find this gorgeous guy engaging in his favorite activity of observing humans through the windows in the back of the cafe.


With sleek black fur and beautiful eyes you can get lost in, it is very easy to fall in love with Matilda!


This lazy guy can usually be found lounging around in the window at the front of the cafe catching some rays!


Peter's favorite past time is playing and wrestling with any kitty that will join in the fun!


This tiny fellow is oh so friendly and loving. Expect a warm greeting with some loving little head butts.


The lovable CJ likes to be groomed by humans, sleeping in boxes and moonlit walks on the beach.

Harrison Ford

Harrison likes sleeping on cabinets, cuddling with humans and starring in blockbuster action movies!


Tootsie is a bit timid, but she is a lover. Look for her on the Eiffel tower in the back of the cafe!


The shy Geminini has a cute demeanor and even cuter meow that will often come out of her mouth!


The sweet, lovable Atticus is one of the newest additions to the cafe!