Meet the Cats!

Sometimes the cats move faster than we can update the website! We strongly encourage you to call ahead if you are interested in a particular cat.


Walton is a cute little bundle of energy that loves to cuddle and play with any red laser dot in sight!


This feisty girl is quite the voyeur. She might just join you in the bathroom to keep you company!


This big, gentle boy is so sweet and loving it should be a crime! Don't let the authorities catch him!


November is a regal brown tabby who is a glutton for pets by humans that frequent Le Cafe Cafe!


Mobi is built like German Panzer tank, but he is as relaxed and gentle as a 1965 Volkswagen Van.

Miss Pine

Miss Pine loves sitting up front and center and sometimes she will even work the Le Cat Cafe desk!

Evan Uber

This gentle giant may have used Uber Eats one too many times- but hey who has time to cook anyway?


Enzo is a shy and loving boy. If you see him make sure to make him feel comfortable at his new home at the cafe!


Don't stare at this little cutie for too long or you just might get mezmorized by her stunning green eyes !


With his sleek gray fur and super sweet personality, you will quickly fall head over paws for Bodego!


Schwimmer can be quite the trouble maker, but he's so gorgeous you will be quick to forgive him!


This curious and cute little lovebug might just follow you around the cafe looking for some human attention!