Meet the Cats!


A little elusive and shy, but enjoy her sweet, cuddly companionship when she comes off her high perches around the cafe!

Mama Mia

The wonderful Mama Mia was rescued alongside her and her litter of kittens. She usually keeps to herself, but if you get to know her she is a love bug.


A friendly and lazy fellow. You will probably find him lying on his back with his bellow exposed in all its glory!


A friendly and curious little fellow. You will recognize him by his cute little curly tail.


Mitty is sweet and quite vocal. You might hear his meow to get your attention for some cuddling goodness.


Also known as Sassy. She is fun, energetic cat with a little fesit!

Georgie & Henry

The sweetest two brothers you will ever meet. They can be found around the cafe playing like there is no tomorrow!


If you love black cats, you will love Catnip! He is a sweet, lovable and cuddly boy.


She may be a bit shy, but she is certaintly one beautiful and lovable cat.


This tiny little Greek Godess is a sweet dish with a dash of feist!


Friendly, but a little elusive. Enjoy her her company when you can!