Meet the Cats!

Sometimes the cats move faster than we can update the website! We strongly encourage you to call ahead if you are interested in a particular cat.


The handsome yet aborable Atticus is such a nice guy. His favorite pastime is sitting in human laps!


This feisty girl is quite the voyeur. She might just join you in the bathroom to keep you company!


This lazy guy can usually be found lying around in the window at the front of the cafe catching some rays!


Walton is a cute little bundle of energy that loves to cuddle and play with any red laser dot in sight!

Harrison Ford

Harrison likes sleeping on cabinets, rubbing on human legs and starring in blockbuster action movies!


Franny is a sweety that quite often likes to lounge in the sun so she can work on her beautiful tan!


Chance is the current Le Cat Cafe high jump champion. Grab a wand toy and watch him show off his skills!


This gorgeous ball of fluff likes to sleep on beds smaller than her body and having her long fur brushed!


This long, athletic fellow might just follow you around th cafe until he receives all the pets he was looking for!

Ms Gray

This shy, fluffy lovebug can usually be found hiding away in a box. Show her some love if you see her!