Meet the Cats!

Sometimes the cats move faster than we can update the website! We strongly encourage you to call ahead if you are interested in a particular cat.


Walton is a cute little bundle of energy that loves to cuddle and play with any red laser dot in sight!


This feisty girl is quite the voyeur. She might just join you in the bathroom to keep you company!


Mobi is like an imposing German Panzer tank, but with the personality of a vintage Volkswagon Van.


Meet this curious and vocal cutie that might just meow at you until you give her the attention she knows she deserves!


Hannah thinks she is the queen of the cafe (isn't she?) and she will be often be found upon her throne on top of the Eiffel Tower.

Miss Pine

Miss Pine loves sitting up front and center and sometimes she will even work the Le Cat Cafe desk!


If you like long, lean and lovable you will adore Dakota! You will likely see him butting his head against the humans at the cafe!


Holmes is like a big cuddly teddy bear. Grab a seat at the cafe and snuggle up with this love bug!


Roxy is a shy and loving girl. If you see her make sure to make her feel comfortable at her new home at the cafe!


Diesel is a big cat with an equally big and loving personality and is a fiend for human affection!


This lover is an encyclopedia of knowledge- from cat treats to cat naps. Wiki knows it all from experience!


Penelope is a little shy, but when she warms up you are in for a treat! Look for her under the eiffel tower.