Thank you for your interest in Green Street Rescue (GSR). Our organization is a non-profit that provides rescue, foster and adoption services for abandoned and stray cats and TNR for feral cats. See our website: and /or on Facebook.

Your contact information:

Your experience with pets:

Your employment information:

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By submitting this form I represent that the information that I have provided is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief. I hereby authorize my veterinarian to release to GSR information about my veterinary records of any and all animals I have owned if requested. GSR requires a 3 week notice if you need help finding a temp foster while you are away


The cat you have agreed to take into foster care, is one of our many rescues who once had a life on the street and
was struggling to survive. She/He is now a clean and healthy cat who is up to date on vaccines, fixed and tested
neg for feline aids/leukemia.
She has come to you for a home providing love, warmth, food, water and the cat pleasures of life. In return
she/he will give you endless love and affection and entertainment while you help her to find her/his FURever
Your job is to be his/her PR agent. Your work includes taking cute photos and talking her up to all your friends and
co-workers and contacts and sharing your foster story with him/her on FB and social media. We need to give
them as much exposure as possible to increase the chances of finding a home sooner than later.
You are responsible for food and litter and toy costs etc. GSR is responsible for any medical issues that may come
up while in foster care. If you notice anything, please email or call me asap. My cell is 215 498 5302. We will
arrange for medical care as needed.
Anyone interested in adopting form GSR, is first required to fill out one of our adoption applications that you can
find on line on our website: under the adoption tab or see attached Adoption
application to make copies and hand out. Once we receive an application we will review in depth and be in touch
with them with any questions within 24-48 hours. If approved ( about 75% are) we will be in touch with you to
connect with the potential adopter and set up a mutually agreeable time to come meet the four-legger. I will
come also for the first few adoptions to walk you thru the meet and greet. If they fall in love and are ready to
adopt, they can take the cat(s) home with them provided they brought a carrier. If not ready that day, they will
need to schedule a time with you to come back to pick up their new family member and take home. You will have
or I will have a copy of the cats medical records to send with them. The adoption fee is $125 for a single cat and
$150 for a pair. We accept cash or checks made out to Green Street Rescue. We are a 501c3 ( non-profit) so it may
be tax deductible to them, depending on how they do their taxes. If they are in agreement, we love to take
photos of the two before they leave and start their new life together.
We always suggest to them before leaving that they schedule a visit with their vet within the next 3 months. We
tell them — ” It is important to have a relationship established with a vet before one is needed, whether for an
annual checkup and vaccine update or an emergency. It is important for the vet to know and see the cat when
healthy and to get it’s vitals and have on file. The vet can then also send you reminders when vaccine updates are
needed. “
We ask them to please send an update on the adoption and how both of them are doing within 3-5 days. We let
them know photos are very welcome and to feel free to send photos as often as they like.
We thank them and ask them to let others know about GSR if they are looking to adopt.