Oscar is a reckless player. He loves chasing feathers waved through the air. And will reluctantly release it with a few growls so the playing can resume.


Greta is a sleepy girl who spends most of her day lounging on a rug but will happily welcome chin rubs.


Penny is the oldest cafe resident. She has very bright white long whiskers and loves smelling hands and jumping on any box she sees.


Lex is an energetic lover. He loves crawling, especially on laps. He has a best friend, Oscar, whom he never-endingly chases across the cafe.


Mazee is an affectionate calico who can’t get enough head rubs.


Behop is a quiet, patient girl. She is often sleeping off of her own in a hard to notice spot. But is kind and waiting for petting.


Ruby is a beautiful, intelligent tortie. She loves chin scratches and hates back rubs. She can hear a toy mice rattling from a mile away and will chase it all day.


Twiggy is a beautifully soft tabby. She often rubs up against you then confusingly seems annoyed and yells at you when you try petting, then rubs against you all over again.


Lilly is a feisty girl who chases wand toys with uncontrollable enthusiasm.


Dobson is a follower. He loves being by your side and following you around the room with a sweet, wise look on his face.


Sherlock is a sweet cuddler. He will climb into your lap or eagerly chase a wand toy.


Brie is a fluffy, VERY affectionate kitty. She will often greet you as you walk in and clumsily knock over everything on the front counter seeking your attention.