Snowflake isn’t very fond of cats but she loves people. She may follow you around, guarding you from sharing your affection with anyone but her. She deserves (almost) all of it.


Briggs wants nothing more than to be loved. He’s often off on his own, waiting for you to approach but once you do he won’t want you to leave.


Tinsel is an energetic sweetheart who loves to growl. She often sleeps in the back of the cafe so make sure to venture back there and say hi.


Twiggy has a distinctively LOUD, piercing voice that she loves to use. She’s almost always on the front counter, though she’s often asleep. Shh…try not to wake her.


Whitman can be shy at first. But is very willing to be bribed into sharing his soft fur with treats. He loves both people and cats.


Tennessee is nonstop energy mixed with overwhelming levels of cuteness.


Sufi has an impressive mustache. She loves every toy ever but mixes cuddling in with play time.


Dot looks like a bengal tiger condensed into cat form. Or a cat transforming into a bengal tiger. She loves playing and nibbling.


Cosette is a tiny, beautifully dark tabby full of personality and confusing looks.

Lady River

Lady River is vocal. She demands and deserves your affection. She will often stare at you with crazy eyes.


Red is feisty. He loves chasing balls and toy mice and kindly chewing your fingers.